Saturday, October 22, 2011


I dropped C ++ because the course format wasn't working for me and I just wasn't getting it.  So now I'm down to Business Ethics and Finance.  Finance is a very easy class and I am getting the material, much better than the last time.  I can now comfortably complete homework without an issue.  However, there were some developments with the separation this week, and was pretty out of it, so I went out with a friend instead of working on Business Ethics yesterday.  I felt bad about it.  However, I really needed to decompress.

Work is going well.  I returned from leave after having bursitis for 2 weeks and I basically got a promotion.  It looks like I will be hired by the company (I am currently a contract employee) and will probably get a raise.

Other than recent events, life is good.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Easy Term & Change Continues

The first two weeks of the term are completed and they are going well.  I've had to drop back to 11 credits, but I picked some pretty easy classes (for me), because I can't handle the stress.

This term I am taking:

C++ Programming
Business Ethics

So only three classes, and I can probably do those in my sleep, so even though I'm working I might have a little more free time.  This came in handy recently, when I developed bursitis in my hip and was laid up for two weeks.  I received a Cortisone shot this past Monday and went back to work on Friday.

My return to work was just what I needed.  I was told all day how much I was missed.  I even got a bit of a promotion and will, likely, receive a permanent position and raise in short order.  I felt so great afterwards, I don't think I've come down yet. 

Another thing that has happened is that the friend that I had staying with me, and was helping out around here, had to move out of town, so I am now handling stuff on my own.  This has been good in one respect.  I am no longer the horrible housekeeper mentioned in a previous post.  I think I have things organized enough to keep them that way.  The boys' room is the only disaster area, but I can close the door on that.

So it seems the negative changes that have occurred recently have actually had positive consequences.  Who would've thought??

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Wow, I knew it had been a while since I posted, but I didn't realize it has been THAT long.  There have been many, many changes in my life since my last post.  First, the fireworks stand was a dismal failure and we lost a bunch of money.  This required me to go back to work.  I've been working for the last month and a half for an electrical contractor as a document control admin.  I am way overqualified, but it pays $19/hr and we need that more right now.

Secondly, because of having to go to work, I am having to drop my course load to 3 classes per term, about 12 credits.  This means that I won't graduate until 2013, which really bums me out, but that is what has to happen.

The greatest change is that my husband has been removed from our home.  It is a very long story, but suffice it to say that there were some safety concerns in regards to the children.

So basically, I am dealing with alot and need a lot of good thoughts and prayers.  I am lucky that I have surrounded myself with many wonderful people.  I have a friend that is staying with me and she is picking up the slack with the house and the kids because I have an hour plus commute and will have classes at night come this fall.  I am still set on continuing my education and will graduate.  What happens with the family remains to be seen, but we are praying that my husband gets the help he needs and that we can be a healthy, happy family once again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hi & Welcome!

Sorry for posting so late in the day!

If you are visiting from Mrs. O's blog, WELCOME!  I feel so honored to be this week's spotlight.

My name is Lori and I have been blogging for about 9 months.  My blog began as a sounding board for me, but has grown into a place where I can really express myself (hopefully, in a good way).  I live outside of Portland, Oregon with my husband and four children: Michael - 19, Brandon - 11, Kimberly - 7, and Ellie who is almost 5.  I attend college, primarily Oregon Tech (Oregon Institute of Technology), but also Clackamas Community College in order to complete some electives in the least expensive manner possible.  I hope to graduate next year with a BS degree in Information Technology with a Business/Systems Analyst Option.

In my spare time (not much these days), I read and quilt, though I do not consider myself "crafty" in the least, unless a computer is involved!

I thought the best way to get to know me is to reveal some quirky facts about me, so here are 10:
  1. I love disaster movies and shows of the same genre (Armageddon, 2012, etc.)
  2. I have a slight addiction to Karaoke
  3. I have a passion for football, and especially the Dallas Cowboys, that I cannot quite describe.
  4. I have a hatred for Microsoft and their products that I cannot quite describe.
  5. As #4 would suggest, I am a Mac user.
  6. Another hobby I have is to find songs that match my friends and create ringtones out of them then assign them on my phone.
  7. I am learning SQL this term, and am positively GIDDY about it!
  8. I am the worst housekeeper EVER.
  9. My family is running a fireworks stand this year.
  10. I am a major GEEK.  I love all things technical!
Well, that's about it.  Thanks for reading this far.  I love, love, LOVE comments, so please leave them!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grad Aftermath & Summer Term

I got some back story information about what happened on graduation night.  As I suspected, the individual in question decided that she wanted to make that night all about her (she even told a mutual friend as much), and made excuse after excuse for everything.  I now know that she knows how upset I was, but obviously does not care.  I have gotten no phone calls, text messages, or even a Facebook message.  An apology is a reach, I know (she doesn't think she did anything wrong), but an acknowledgement of my pain would be appreciated.  It is obvious that this isn't going to happen.  As painful as it is, this is a friendship that I am going to have to end.  That is very difficult for me, because, as an overachiever, I don't give up on anything.  I dearly love this person, but I really don't have a choice.  My feelings obviously mean nothing to them, and I do not think a healthy friendship can exist in that type of environment.  I may be wrong and would appreciate any feedback/advice any of you have on this.

Now, because this can't rule my existence, I am starting to look forward to Summer term, which starts on Monday.  I'm pretty excited about the SQL class, because I've been wanting to learn it for over a decade.  Plus, the History classes are going to be awesome.  Below is a list of courses I am taking.  Even though I have graduated, I will still be taking classes at Clackamas, because OIT doesn't offer much in this area.

History of the United States
The Great Depression and New Deal
Statistics II (This is a late starting class which begins in August)

Relational Database Design I (SQL class)
Document Development
Finite Math and Calculus I

So that's it, just 7 classes, and only 6 at one time.  They are accelerated classes, however, and only last 8 weeks, so there will be a bit more work, but these classes will be much more enjoyable.  Hopefully, the situation mentioned above will be resolved also, which will make things much less stressfull.

Here's to a..

Great SUMMER Term!

Monday, June 13, 2011

IT Finally Happened

After 7 terms, 2 different schools, and 143 credits, I found something today that had never been on my grade report before:


Actually, two of them. 

I thought I would be devastated, but I'm kind of relieved.  Relieved that Spring term is over, relieved that the cloud of the "eventual B" is no longer over me.

Time to move on...One more year to go. 


Friday, June 10, 2011

Graduation Day or Just Another Day

***Warning, this post contains a little bit of whining and celebrating via pity party.  If you are offended, read no further***

I graduated today.  I received my AAS degree in Project Management from Clackamas Community College.

Not that anyone noticed.

It was treated like another day by my family, and everyone around me.  That is, except by my friends who also graduated.  Then, apparently, they decided that they would "whoop it up" without me.

I went to have ice cream with the kids and they were supposed to call me and let me know what was going on.  1 hour went by, then another half hour.  Text messages did not get a response, and phone calls were rejected (yes, actually rejected, not just not answered).

So here I am, celebrating.


Happy Graduation Lori!